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Develop and expand your employability skills

Book a meeting now and for 1:1 career advice and guidance  from a member of our team.

Develop the skills you need to

be highly effective at customer service.

You don’t get a second chance

to make a first impression, so here are a few top tips to get

you off to a winning start.

Find out how to use LinkedIn to get hired.

Be aware of how your personal brand and social media impacts your job applications.

Find out how to formulate responses to interview questions and understand the different types of body language for success.

Find out everything you need

to know to be ready to apply for your apprenticeship. 

Watch how to apply for your Apprenticeship using the National Apprenticeship Service.

Take your first steps to becoming an entrepreneur by gaining an understanding of how to plan your business.

Understand the legal requirements for setting up your own business, from registering your business to insurance.

Find out the transferable skills , qualifications and work experience you need to set yourself up for success. 

Be aware of how your personal brand and social media impacts your job applications.

professional social media

Take part in this Business & Professional Social Media Workshop and gain the skills you need to be professional online.

start home

Learn all kinds of techniques through Start, which is delivering activities on home learning. You will need to register for these free activities. 


Learn a new skill through Futurelearn so you can develop your skillset for the future.


Mooc offers online courses to help you devleop your skills or get ahead in your career.

Learn these important English skills to put yourself in the best position for your dream career.

Free digital and numeracy courses to build your skills from the Department of Education.

Understand the relevance of maths in different careers. So you can be sure to be mathmatically ready for any role.

career quiz

Take different quizzes and find out the career that's perfect for you.

skills assessment

Take this skill test to find out what career areas and specific roles you're suited to.


Get great careers advice through the National Careers Service.

Learn first aid and be more

prepared and able to cope in

an emergency situation. You never know when you might

need it.

Get up to date with your numbers through this easy learning method.

st johns

Check out these videos from St Johns Ambulance on First Aid training. Find out more on Itslearning.


Find out about the loads of exciting opportunities NCS have coming up, and how you can keep doing good.

Recognise and demonstrate your key responsibilities as a citizen and there importance.

Check out some of these great online courses from Ivy League schools being offered online.

got an idea?

We’re always adding to our enrichment offer and welcome suggestions from students and parents alike, if you have an idea for what you’d like to see added then get in touch below:

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